The Story of Wilde

Hey there! 
We are so happy to have you here! If you're on this page, you're interested in the story of Wilde and we are more than humbled that you'd like to know more about us and who you're shopping with. 

Who we are:
Wilde is made up of two photographer best friends: Brandy and Lyza. With the fact that we are both photographers, having an eye for details is just something that is second nature to us. We have both always loved fashion and try our best to keep up to date with the latest trends for all of our photography clients. After quite some time, we had discussed ways we can put our love of fashion into something bigger than dressing our clients up at their photo sessions. Thus came this baby of ours, Wilde.


What we are about:
We really do love boutiques and love to support businesses by shopping small and local. However, we did not want to be yet "just another boutique". We wanted to do something different. For a few days, we brainstormed a few ideas on how we can give back and truly make a difference not only in our community but in the world. First and foremost, we recycle every single item we are able to. From pieces of paper to big boxes, we are sure to organize it and drop it off to our local recycle bins. We really want to make a difference in cleaning up our earth and have a desire to influence others to do the same!

Beyond that, Wilde is very proud to announce that every sale that is made, a portion of that sale is donated to a family in need or a charity that we are passionate about. We want something better for this world. We want to spread kindness and help wherever we are able to. To learn more about this, please visit our How You Can Help page!


More about Lyza:

Hi, I'm Lyza! Growing up, I always felt it was very hard for me to find my style. I never truly felt comfortable in the clothes that I was wearing. Being from a small town, your options are limited. Once I moved away and went to college, I found more options of places to shop at and felt I really started to find my personal style. I’m definitely a vintage boho hippie at heart.

As I was hustling my way through college, I began working at a nursing home and that’s where I met my dear best friend, Brandy. We worked a few times together and as the years went on our relationship bloomed into something unspeakable. Since the day we met, we have been so much more than just friends. We are each other‘s family now. We are partners in each other’s businesses. And we are each other‘s cheerleaders in every aspect of life.

The day she asked me if I’ve ever considered opening an online boutique, we began this idea that grew into something incredible and we never looked back!  I really hope Wilde helps women everywhere, who are all shapes and sizes. We all deserve to feel beautiful because that's exactly what we are!



More about Brandy:

Hey, I'm Brandy! I am a wife to a handsome man and a mama of two wonderful (and wild) kids, a licensed daycare provider, photographer, and now an online boutique owner! I know it sounds like a mouth full, all of those titles, but I honestly thrive in the chaos. Working hard for my family is something I am severely passionate about. I really want to teach my kids that they can dream big AND achieve those dreams if they work for it.

Since my daughter was born 9 years ago, I had a yearning to open a boutique filled with baby girl clothing but as you know, life got busy and that dream was tucked away. More time passed and I decided to go for it! I know that baby clothes are just so cute but I sometimes have a hard time shopping for my daughter and finding things that I really love in her size. I'm hoping that if you're a mama and looking for tasteful clothing for your kids, you find something here!

I am always happy to make new friends and see smiling faces so please don't ever be afraid to reach out! I truly hope you find something that you love on our website and hope that you know how much of a difference you're making by shopping with us! I am thankful for you!